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Why am I not aquiring any fodder when I cut down my grass?
  I'm certain my grass is full grown since when I cut it down it leaves grass stuble (not a blank square). But when I cut the grass down with my sickle it does not go into my barn or my inventory. My barn just says "I have no fodder".
What does fodder mean?
  In agriculture, fodder or animal feed is any foodstuff that is used specifically to feed domesticated livestock, such as cattle, goats, sheep, horses, chickens and pigs. Most animal feed is from plants but some is of animal origin
How can the prevention of diarrhea calves
  Exposed calves for diarrhea due to malnutrition or cold and neglected treatment, even if one day it would adversely affect the health of calves. Note When this situation prevents the green fodder from infected calves until cured with the addition of fill two tablespoons of powdered chalk to dry bush in every meal.


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