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Flag of poultry feed from modern science

Flag of poultry feed from modern science. It was for poultry (chicks) a significant role in the detection, isolation and identification of and identify many of the nutrients, the use of chickens in many areas of research led to a clear basis for the information of poultry feed, which applies mostly to humans and animals. And nutrition include the process by which the cell can be supplied in the body needs nutrients to perform their functions properly, in terms of metabolism and growth, as well as the continuation of life and work and production and reproduction. And nutrition, including eating ingestion, digestion, absorption, digestion absorption of the chemical elements that are found in food. They also include free transport or transfer of the chemical elements to all the cells in the appropriate picture for the benefit of the body. Will be described in the article to be practical poultry feeding study the scientific basis for poultry feed, what nutrition in the feed composition equations, methods of providing food for poultry, is to identify food needs, modern software food equations by computer, feed the chicks meat laying hens, are examples of some of the diets used in the poultry feed, and then make some practical application of laboratory section to what is taught in practice.


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